About APM

APM is a petroleum distributor serving the Midwestern United States. We are a major wholesaler of gasoline and diesel, supplying Cenex-branded or unbranded fuel to retail and convenience stores. We extensively partner with eight common carriers in order to offer Always Competitive Pricing.

Your Cenex® Brand Supplier

APM is proud to distribute Cenex-branded products. As a Cenex® retailer, you’ll find the tools, resources and support you need to build and sustain a successful enterprise. That includes unsurpassed brand strength, generous financial assistance, robust retail and marketing support and premium-quality fuels from North America’s largest member-owned petroleum brand. Learn more about the Cenex family...

Why Choose APM?

You’re in the business of exceeding customer expectations – and we’re in the business of exceeding yours. Partnering with APM means having access to an established supplier and a strong team of people committed to providing you with unparalleled service. Take a look at the benefits you’ll tap into when you choose APM:

Brand Strength

APM is a division of MFA Oil Company which supplies fuels to customers throughout the Midwest. Headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, MFA Oil was established in 1929. More than 85 years later, customers continue to put their trust in us and our products, our timely deliveries and our professional, knowledgeable customer service.

Quality Products

At APM, we are committed to providing a broad spectrum of quality products. We can deliver unleaded gasoline in almost any grade, E85, regular and premium diesel and biodiesel. And to ensure that our customers receive only high-quality fuel, our quality control laboratory offers oil and fuel analysis and technical support at no charge.

Dependable Supply

Our size and scope will allow you to enjoy the protection of our extensive distribution system and large network of fuel terminals. Our staff can respond quickly to meet your needs and offer a constant supply of a wide range of products. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we can deliver.

Convenient Conversion

APM supplies fuel to a large network of dealers and knows first-hand what it takes to operate a c-store because of MFA Oil’s ownership of 80 Break Time convenience stores throughout Missouri and Arkansas. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we can ensure a smooth transition to APM. And you can choose between branded (to take advantage of Cenex brand loyalty and marketing) or unbranded (to keep your current identity and let us supply your fuel needs at a competitive price).

Reduced Processing Fees

APM is in a position to negotiate favorable credit card transaction rates and fees because of our large volume of transactions company-wide and our long-established history with the company that processes them. As an APM customer, you will benefit from the same low rates and fees, resulting in significant savings for your business.

Always Competitive Pricing

At APM, we are aware of the unique challenges dealers face in getting competitive pricing from petroleum companies. As a large volume, regional fuel supplier, we have the buying power to aggressively negotiate a wholesale-based price for you. We also can reduce the price risk inherent with today’s volatile market by providing daily fuel price updates. Finally, we will process your invoices quickly and offer convenient payment options.

Personalized Service

APM provides you a single point of contact for everything – one phone number, one email address. Fast, friendly, reliable service is just a call or click away.

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