About APM

American Petroleum Marketers (APM), a division of MFA Oil Company, specializes in wholesale fuel distribution and is one of the fastest growing companies in the Midwest with year-over-year sales growth of 59 percent in 2016. Today, APM offers both branded and unbranded options and serves customers across 11 states, adding new customers every month.

Your Cenex® Brand Supplier

APM is proud to offer Cenex-branded products. As a Cenex retailer, you’ll find the tools, resources and support you need to build and sustain a successful enterprise. That includes unsurpassed brand strength, generous financial assistance, robust retail and marketing support and premium-quality fuels from North America’s largest member-owned petroleum brand. Learn more about the Cenex family...

Your Sinclair® Brand Supplier

APM partners with Sinclair, a family-owned oil company with the iconic dinosaur representing one of the most recognized and longest continuously operated oil brands. Retailers can join the supply chain network of over 400 distributors and more than 1,300 Sinclair branded stations delivering gasoline and diesel fuel across 24 states. Learn more about the Sinclair family…

Why Choose APM?

You’re in the business of exceeding customer expectations – and we’re in the business of exceeding yours. Partnering with APM means having access to an established supplier and a strong team of people committed to providing you with unparalleled service. Let us help you gain a competitive edge using established programs and information from our fuel suppliers and vendors. Take a look at the benefits you’ll tap into when you choose APM:


MFA Oil Company is a large, regional cooperative that has been supplying energy products to its customers since 1929. APM customers benefit from MFA Oil’s experience and purchasing power, which offers dealers access to volume pricing discounts. Additionally, APM partners with The Double Check Company for reduced pricing on your petroleum equipment needs and has a c-store buying program through McLane to help you purchase store inventory at a better price.

APM offers quality Top Tier gasoline products

Quality Products

APM is committed to providing a broad spectrum of quality products. We deliver unleaded Top Tier® gasoline in almost any grade, regular and premium diesel, E85 and biodiesel. Our quality control laboratory offers oil and fuel analysis and technical support at no charge to ensure our customers receive only the best fuel.

APM offers dependable supply

Dependable Supply

APM’s size and scope allow you to enjoy the protection of our extensive distribution system and large network of fuel terminals. Our staff responds quickly to meet your needs and offers a dependable supply of a wide range of products. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we can deliver.



APM offers two branded options, Cenex and Sinclair, as well as unbranded solutions that allow you to use the APM image or your own concept. We will help you put together a plan that is best for your market and your business. With our in-depth industry knowledge and many customizable options, we guarantee a smooth transition.

Pay at the Pump

Reduced Processing Fees

APM’s options for reduced credit card processing fees will provide your business with significant savings. You will be able to accept all major credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, WEX, Fleet One local, Voyager, Fuelman, Gascard, as well as debit cards.


As a large volume, regional fuel supplier, APM has the buying power to aggressively negotiate wholesale pricing, as well as the supply to serve your needs. Plus, our cutting edge software will allow us to take care of you in the future. We also process customer invoices quickly and accurately, and offer convenient payment options.

Personalized Service

Your APM representative can provide on-site assistance when you need it. Fast, friendly, reliable service is just a phone call or click away.

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